As Yet Untitled

As I type, I sit in wait of my agent’s opinion of my latest novel. I never realised it was possible to feel sick and excited at the same time before, especially not for this kind of duration. Occasionally I forget, but not for long, and the spike of adrena-nausea that follows is more than enough to make up for that brief respite.

What’s it about then? Can’t tell you for now. I want to. I want to post chapters and stuff like that, but if I do, I might as well put a bell around its neck and get it to yell, ‘Leper!’

You see, this is the first book that I’m seriously hoping to put in front of a publisher, and they—understandably—will want to have exclusivity. It’s a shame, because I’ve enjoyed sharing the progress of my works with you all before, but such is the way these things go. As the release gets closer—published or self-published—I’ll begin to share, and for those of you subscribed, I’ll be issuing free advanced reader copies to gather some opinions, but until then, it remains a secret.

Maybe that’ll build some anticipation, maybe it’ll just annoy you. Who knows. I certainly don’t! What I do know is, and this is all I can share for now, is that the book is set in New York and was a real melon-scratcher to write.

I’ll keep you all posted.


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