New York Deep Sitrep

It’s been over four months since New York Deep was published, and it’s absolutely flown by. I don’t think I’ve ever been so anxious! But, thanks to you, it’s done pretty well. The reviews are mostly positive, people seem to like it—what more can a guy want from a book?

Well, how about an audiobook? Yep, that’s coming out on April 28th. Looking forward to that! To celebrate, I’m giving all of you that haven’t yet had the chance to read New York Deep yet the opportunity to read it for free. You can win it—and a bunch of other sci-fi books—here.

Next on the horizon is something different from me—a young adult book. I’m hoping it’ll be a great read for adults too, but to give you the gist, it’s about a kid who lives on board a faraway space station with his parents and 50 other families. Got any thoughts on anything you’d like to see in it? Let me know!


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