Want to read my next book early and for free?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and that’s because I’ve been busy. Now that’s all coming to an end with the final touches being put on my latest novel, I’d like to give you all the opportunity to get access to it ahead of everyone else.

My new novel is a young adult adventure about a nearly thirteen-year-old boy called Ben Forrest who has lived all his life on board the Jove orbital research platform circling Jupiter. He’s a smart kid, and best friends with a computer named Tom, however his spirit and resolve are put to the ultimate test when … well, I’ll let you find out for yourselves.

If you’d like to read my new book ahead of time and for free, I’d like to ask something in return. If you spot any errors—like typos, plot holes, grammatical mistakes, that sort of thing—I’d be grateful if you could let me know. And once you’ve finished, I’d be thrilled if you wouldn’t mind leaving a review as well. I’ll provide the link for that later.

So, if you want the opportunity to go on an adventure with Ben before anyone else, please email me at thisisandrewmorgan@gmail.com with ‘New Book’ in the subject line or body, and I’ll send it over to you.

Thank you all, and I hope you enjoy my latest novel.



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