New Dawn—My Next Novel

Hello all! First of all I’d like to thank you for your overwhelming support of Vessel—it’s doing well thanks to your early purchases and reviews, so thank you very much.

Further to that, I’d like to show you my thanks by inviting you to read the first chapter of my next novel, New Dawn. The premise (as it stands) revolves around a planetary geologist called Jake Brooks who sets off on a long voyage to New Dawn, a planet with possible suitability for terraforming. Everything is by the book, and should go according to plan, except for a last-minute change in crew who’s not who he seems to be.

The first chapter will go live in a moment. As with Vessel, it’s a first draft with a quick proofread, so any comments, suggestions, criticisms or whatever are all welcome. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy New Dawn.


Welcome to my World

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